About us


Founded in 2021, Shamel is a by-product of a large interconnected chain of corporations that are based in the United Arab Emirates. It is a reputable platform for job postings, real estate listings (both residential and commercial), and automobile sales and purchases. It is regarded as a professional networking app where users can sell and buy a variety of services in Iraq. It ultimately offers convenience to members of any community by providing excellent assistance in multiple business sectors, while also exposing listings and services to a national and worldwide audience. 
We promote communication that links millions of Iraqis in numerous markets around the country. Regardless of who and what they are or where they are in the region, our technology assists our clients by allowing them to develop and succeed. Our goal is to retain loyalty from our buyers, merchants, and developers by providing simplified and compelling e-commerce transactions. The foundation of our expansion and customer satisfaction will be our commitment to embracing innovation. As we confidently aim to recast unemployment statistics and become the leading portal of digital business settlements in Iraq.