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For sale or chassis with the latest Chover Impala 2019 Babel number, a national project, the car is ready, it has a Tyre border, a xenon solar system, known L.T specifications from Wilcope 18 and Asher Palmary, welcome lights, 6 fingerprints, a hidden cutout, leather booties, velvet restaurant, rear cooling, and Rotary cam, controls, and others. A 3600-capacity V6 engine with a power of 305 horses. Car accident. One piece replacement (Al Baneed) and a simple cold in the left jamb. Driver’s side. Note: The chassis is guaranteed. The radiator, fans and cooling are original without damage or exchange. The car is ready in all respects and conversion. Direct price 168 and I have a simple field

Chevrolet Impala 2019

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  • Neighborhood بابل
  • Price 245280 USD

  • Make & Model Impala

  • Mechanical Condition Minor faults all fixed

  • Doors 4 door

  • Transmission Type Automatic Transmission

  • Fuel Type Gasoline

  • Regional Spec North American Specs

  • Year 2019

  • Kilmeters 65000

  • Color Blue

  • Clean Title No

  • Exchange No

  • Options Camera, Fridge, Screen, Seat Leather, Smark Key, Heating chair, Power Window, Air Bags

  • Damaged Areas Front Bompers, Driver Back Side Fenders